Edward Hines Jr. Veterans Hospital Marks Its 100th Birthday

Its patient directory is an honor roll. It has cared for those whose suffering ensured that America would remain a land of the free and the home of the brave.

A 1939 list of patients names should be read slowly, pausing after each entry, as if it was poetry, to fully appreciate the veterans’ sacrifices:

Lt. Albert B. Rodgers returned to work after the war at a bank in Chattanooga, Tennessee. But crippled by arthritis triggered by exposure in the trenches of France, he’d been in Hines Hospital for eight years. A.L. Diel was in a wheelchair, having lost his legs. So too had Samuel Dumas. Maj. B. Stafford was a Chicago police officer before the war. Since then he’d repeatedly been hospitalized.

John Lowder was gassed during the war and had vainly hoped that working in the open on an Illinois farm would cure him. It had not. Then there was John B. Kievan. He was clad in a bathrobe and casually smoking as he shared his story: A long-time Oak Park resident before entering the hospital, the 92-year-old Kievan had fought in the Civil War.

Source : https://www.chicagotribune.com/visuals/vintage/